Strategic and Leadership Roles


   President and CEO, Vita Media Corporation

   Business development, sales, marketing and client relations.

   Medical writer, researcher, consultant, producer, on air talent.


   Clinical Professor and Research Associate, UCSF*

   Formulated study design and methodology

   Collected and analyzed data

   Wrote research publications and grants.


   Director, Pharmacy Council on Cholesterol, UCSF

   Formed and led coalition of a dozen national pharmacy organizations

   Created multimedia professional and consumer cholesterol education materials.


   Producer, Writer, Host

     -UCSF Pharmacy Continuing Education TV Series, Lifetime Medical Television

    First ever pharmacist continuing education series on national television.

    Behind the scenes producer, fund raiser, co-writer and on camera host/voice over.

    Supervised editorial and editing process.


     -Consumer Media Programs

     Consumer media programs for adults and children broadcast on local and national

     television, radio and airline entertainment network.


    Manager of Marketing and Promotions/Media Spokesperson

    Safeway Corporate Pharmacy Operations

    Developed sales and marketing strategies to enlist new pharmacy customers.

    Coordinated complex promotional programs for 1200 pharmacist in the US and Canada.

    Developed/hosted a million dollar vendor-sponsored kids club with 45,000 members.


    Clinical Pharmacist, Bioterrorism Preparedness

    San Francisco Department of Public Health

    Logistical/clinical planning to receive, stage, store, distribute Strategic National Stockpile.

     Vice President, Business Development

    Telerx, HealthCare ConneXions Division

     Engage pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients. 

      Consult on drug safety technology, adverse event management and medical affairs needs.


   *UCSF:  School of Pharmacy, University of California, San Francisco


Linda R. Bernstein, Pharm.D.